Top 3 Android 3. 0 Tablets

Apple changed the world of communication and personal computing by introducing the ipad and this started a battle for the best products in the tablet space and today the front-runners in the market are the iOS and the Android tablets. The Android platform saw increasing adoption by the tablet manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Motorola and others which encouraged more and more developers to develop applications for the Android platform. Android tablets have been gradually increasing their market share and this was led by the flagship Samsung Galaxy Tab. The battle ground has clearly shifted from the smart phone space to the tablet space as it promises much more than a smart phone can offer. Few keys reasons that have tilted the game in the favor of the Android tablets are lack of USB port, camera and flash on the ipad. Given below are the 3 most popular Android 3. 0 tablets. These are the tablets which you should consider before you finalize the choice of your tablet. The products are not ranked and have been listed based on their release dates.

Motorola Xoom

Motorola delayed its entry to the tablet space but was the first to bring out a tablet powered by Android 3. 0. Android 3. 0 or the Honeycomb operating system (OS) is the first OS designed for the big screen thus enabling a smooth transition of the android platform from the smart phones to the tablet world. The tablet offers 2 cameras one with a 5 MP resolution in mi 50 inch tv. the rear for standard image and video capture and a 2 MP resolution at the front for video chats. However the advantage that Xoom has of being the first Android 3. 0 tablet is overshadowed by the price of this tablet. The reason for its high price tag is due to the high-end hardware specifications available in the tablet.

Toshiba Tablet

Toshiba, which is better known for its television products, has launched an Android 3. 0 tablet recently. The company has used the graphics technology which powers its television sets in its tablets and this is what makes the graphics experience on this tablet stand apart from the rest. Apart from graphics the positives here are HDMI support, USB and a Sd card slot. These ports do tend to make the product a bit bulky but Toshiba has compensated for that with an aggressive pricing. If you decide to buy this tablet, though you do not get the sleek and light design of an ipad, but you do get an affordable product with a number of positive additional features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung was an early mover in the tablet space and ensured that it provided features such as a camera, USB and flash support in its products. The original Samsung galaxy tab established itself as a reference model for all other Android tablets that followed. Samsung recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10. 1 which is powered by Android 3. 0. The distinct feature of the product is its 2 cameras, an 8 MP camera for photos and videos and a 2 MP camera in the front to support video calling.

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